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July 2015

BBQ Champ Cook Along

Now it’s public knowledge I’m one of the contestants on ITV’s new prime-time TV show, BBQ Champ I can announce that I will be doing a “cook along” with the TV show.

Due to contractual reasons I won’t be able to share the exact recipes I used on BBQ Champ, however, I can spoil you with pictures.

Making Bacon at Home

Homemade Bacon Roll

Homemade Bacon Roll

Bacon is one of the few things in the universe that improves anything and everything it accompanies.  It has spawned everything from baconnaise and bacon chocolate, to popcorn and jam.

The problem in the UK is that we’ve let our standards slip over the decades and for some reason we have allowed deceptively* priced supermarket bacon become our norm.

In this post, I document my first ever attempt at curing pork to make my own bacon.  Spoiler alert, it’s easy, tastes incredible and you should try too!

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