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Duncan Meyers - ITV's BBQ Champ - 2015 Contestant

Duncan Meyers – ITV’s BBQ Champ – 2015 Contestant

Hello, I’m Duncan and welcome to my food blog.

This blog will share the food I cook predominantly, but not exclusively, outdoors.  I’ll post pictures and the recipes behind it all. I’m an experimental cook, I love pushing new boundaries, testing new concepts and ideas but also respect that sometimes simplicity is the best way. Some things will take an age to perfect, others may take less, but do expect a range of content to be featured here, from starters, mains and desserts to drinks and techniques.

I have a few things that I truly love, other than the obvious – my wife, daughter, family and friends, they are, in no particular order: football, running, cooking, eating, whisky, beer, cider, gardening, thunderstorms, BBQ, entertaining, checkered tops, chocolate, fire and sweets (that’s candy to any Americans out there).

Pizza loving Yorkshireman

I’ve been passionate about cooking and in particular cooking outdoors for a long time, stemming from fond childhood memories of having bonfires with my grandad and brothers after a hard day’s work. Over the past 5 or so years my interest has really grown, culminating in a self-built Wood Fired Oven & concrete countertop.

I’m a proud Yorkshireman living in Surrey and I have a great love and respect for fire and jump at any opportunity to start one and utilise it to cook for friends and family. Almost all of the parties my wife and I have hosted involve some sort of food cooked outdoors with fire, it could be burgers and fried onions using the grill and cast iron cookware, chilli with sourdough bread, pizzas in the WFO or something low and slow like brisket on the smoker.  To end things off we like to sit around a campfire or chiminea with our friends, roasting marshmallows on bamboo canes.

During the spring of 2015, I applied for and successfully made it as one of the 8 contestants on to ITV’s new TV show, BBQ Champ. At the time of writing, I can’t confirm how I did on the show until after it has aired. The show begins on Friday 31st July on ITV1 and will be 5 episodes long, it is hosted by Myleene Klass and features judges Adam Richman (of Man v Food fame) and Mark Blatchford (this is his first TV appearance, but has been cooking on charcoal as a professional chef for over 15 years).  Tune on in, I have no doubt it’ll make great TV.

FIlming at BBQ Champ's HQ

FIlming at BBQ Champ’s HQ